Briefly and simply stated, representational research looks at the way that the triadic or Trinitarian nature of God is reflected in reality; which has the part you can see, the part you can’t see, and links between the two which are provided by God.

The representations of God, most specifically seen in the Bible, are also triadic. They not only define what is truly real, they are able to actually formulate the facts of reality for us.

Representational thinkers use the skill of generalizing from Biblical passages to elevate Biblical thought forms above their own human intelligence, and above human experience whether individual or collective.

The lesson materials on this site are written at a layman’s level, for teaching purposes. For a layman’s introduction, click here.

For an in-depth comparison of representational theology to other areas of theology, click Representational Research and Other Areas of Theology

New November 2017:  Many new topical studies have been posted over the last year.  One of the most recent:  Biblical Isotypes  

October 2016: New studies on 1 Peter (see the menu link on this page–“The Rhetorical Universe.”)

New September 2016: New teachings from Dr. Strawn in shorter, dense and insightful studies.

New July 2010: A foundational doctoral dissertation in the field of Representational Research by Dr. Diana Lynn Vaugh Swihart is downloadable here. In it, Dr. Swihart explores triadicity and uses it to assess one of the earliest questions about Christian theology: Is a human being composed of two parts (body and spirit/soul) or three?

New November 2010:  A new look at Hebrews Chapter 11 (Scott and Strawn). Click here. Written narrative to accompany the thematic will be posted soon.

NEW AUGUST 2010:  A new book, The Hinge of Your History: The Phases of Faith was just released! Based on the “three phases of faith” teachings of Dr. Strawn, this book has terrific endorsements:

“. . .More profound than you can imagine” – best-selling author Philip Yancey

“Without exaggeration, Latayne’s teaching on the Phases of Faith has literally changed my life.” -Award-winning songwriter, producer, and founder of Christian Hall of Fame artist Acappella

“Because it blessed me so much, I taught it to an adult Bible class and it had as much impact on my students as anything I have done in the last 40 years.” – Stephen Stewart

You can order this book on Amazon or on Latayne.com.

NEW APRIL 2010: Many new studies are posted on Dr. Strawn’s page.  Some include thematics.

NEW November 2009:

  • Abrahamic Faith (PDF)
  • Abrahamic Faith (PowerPoint)  (note that this file is a much-improved version than the previous one)
  • The Anti-Naturalism of Abrahamic Faith (MP3 File)
  • New study by Dr. Strawn on The Arc of Freedom of Action and the FreeStanding Gospel

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